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The following PDF files are available:
1 - Sunday Bulletin -- March 19, 2017
3 - The Vestry's "3 Year Strategic Plan"

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Weekly Announcements

  • As many of you know, James Kari received an Endowment grant to work on making hymns available in the native languages.

1915 hymnal links as of December 12

On December 9 Susan Paskvan and James Kari formatted two hymns from the 1915 Koyukon hymnal on Google Docs. These are now being used in language classes at Yukon-Koyukuk School District; some were sung by students during the YKSD Virtual Christmas Party on Dec. 14.

The hymns are transcribed in the Upper Koyukon writing system.  To view and listen to these go to:

Hark the Herald -- sung by Hilda Stevens, Mable Charlie, Sarah Silas, Geroge Edwin, and Bessie Barnabus

Come All Ye Faithful -- sung by Hilda Stevens and Mable Charlie

We will add more hymns to Google Docs from time to time. There are about 55 audio files by five Koyukon or Lower Tanana speakers singing 30 of the 36 hymns from 1915 hymnal. We will try to publish a new version of the hymnal during 2017. We thank the St. Matthews Endowment fund for supporting this 2015-2016 project. 

James Kari

  • There is a new sign-up sheet in the parish hall listing needed janitorial and kitchen supplies. If you would like to donate items, please indicate that on the sign-up sheet so that others can see what is still needed.
  • St. Matthew’s is looking for someone who is interested in organizing St. Matthew’s historical documents and artifacts. If you have a talent for organization and would like to help preserve St. Matthew’s history, please contact Jessica or Rev. Liz at the Church office
  • St Matthews has implemented a Tobacco-Free Church Grounds Policy for the overall health and welfare of its members. Tobacco use will not be permitted within church buildings or anywhere on church grounds. This policy will apply to all employees, members and visitors attending events at the church. This policy went into effect September 1, 2016. For more information please contact Jessica at the Church Office.

Our Junior Warden, Tom Marsh, can always use our help so, to help expedite this, there is a new email list (Google Group) that Tom will be posting to in terms of what projects are being worked on and when your help is needed. If you would like to sign up for this email list please complete the form below.

St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church has been added to the

National Register of Historic Places!

The nomination was approved by the
Alaska Historical Commission at their December 2015 meeting

St. Matthew’s was added to the National Register on January 12, 2016.

Thanks to Ned Gaines and the 2015 Vestry!

For more information:  St. Matthew’s Church Facebook Page


World in Prayer is a ministry of the Episcopal Church of St. John the Baptist, Lodi, California, USA, worldinprayer@aol.com


According to Mama
as told by Laura David Anderson to Audrey Loftus 1956 - 2011, 2nd edition
with Afterword by James Kari 44 pp.
ISBN 978-0-9749668-5-4  

According to Papa
as told by David Paul to Audrey Loftus 1957 33 pp.

According to Grandfather (The Medicine Man)
compiled by Audrey Loftus 1965 33 pp.

To order books, please contact James Kari at james.kari@alaska.edu
each book costs $7.00 plus shipping. Add $3.00 (1-3 copies 1st class), or $6.00 (4-10 copies priority)
Jim will respond to your order with further instructions. Payment by personal check is preferred.

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